Shangba Li Culture Creative Park
Shang Ba Li Culture Creative Park
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The eight great sights of Yanjing in ancient times, with the inscriptions and praises of celebrities, manifesting the charm of ancient imperial city; Shangba Culture Group, following the eight great sights, establishes creative landmarks to bring new style to capital.

Shangba Li is the 8th urban creative complex project of Shangba Culture Group in Beijing, locating to the east of Sihui and being integrated with CBD business zone as well as Beijing cultural atmosphere of Chang'an Avenue. The nearby traffic network is so convenient that it is connected to Jingtong Expressway, Metro Line 1 and Batong Metro Line; the supporting facilities are also complete.

'Li' means the place inhabited by common people. In pre-Qin period, a saying goes that "three households compose a Lin; while five Lins form a Li." It is also said in Shang Shu Da Zhuan that "eight households compose a Lin, three Lins form a Peng and three Pengs can be called a Li." So the implication of Li is gathering people together. Moreover, Shangba Lifits the ideals that Shangba has consistently held on, such as collecting, sharing and being creative. Generally speaking, this is a new type of urban creative complex for gathering creative talents and culture elites, and integrating the innovation of theory and practice.

With the detached ideal of "true seclusion is in metropolis", the design both in ancient and modern styles and the support of domestic and foreign new ideas, Shangba Li established a brand new cultural landmark in urban central area, representing us a comfortable cultural space with people oriented principle and updated creative ideas.

The building area of Shangba Li is 50,000sqm. It's a magnificent Neo-Chinese and pseudo-classic style architectural complex, which consists of two culture mansions, an overhead quadrangle courtyard, an overhead garden, an artistic SOHO and several creative flats. The environment of the whole community is classic, elegant, silent and powerful. Comparing to the modern buildings, one being closely located next to another, in the city, the buildings of Shangba Li have a low residential density and natural ecological environment, which makes it much better than general buildings. The classic and modern combined design style of Shangba Li perfectly fits the nearby high-end cultural landmarks, such as Guocui Art Trade Center, Red Sandalwood Museum and Chinese Businessman Museum; therefore the above-mentioned architectures comprehensively form a brand new "CBD East-Canal Culture Creative Belt".

Shangba Li Culture Creative Park

G#, Shangba Li, Chenjialin, No.2, Balizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing

010-65811234 / 65813456

  • Driving Route

    Take Beijing--Tongzhou Highway and get off at Exit Gaobeidian ,then turn around under the overpass . Go straight and turn right when you see the destination board. Go through underground passage then turn left. Go ahead 200 meters until you see our buildings.
  • Metro

    Sihui East Station Subway line 1,Subway Batong line.
  • Bus

    Sihui East,657、720、834、456 Chaoyang Rd.,382、348、762
  • Facilities

    Ito Yokado, Scitech Plaza, WuMart, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Aerospace Hospital, The museum of Shanxi Merchants, China Red Sandalwood Museun.
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