Yishu 8
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Lu Yanpeng Art Exhibition, Art Exhibition of Yishu 8 Award winner Claire Tabouret, French Wine Tasting and Yishu 8 opening ceremony and Sino-French dialogue exhibition.

Yishu 8 is the artistic and cultural base of Shangba Culture Group and the platform of international cultural exchange for oriental and western countries. The people from different fields, such as artists, intellectuals, collectors and entrepreneurs, gather here because of their love to culture and art, sharing and exchanging their different tastes of art and aesthetic appreciation. Yishu8 is located at No.20 (jia), Dong Huangchenggen Bei Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing and in a traditional and ancient courtyard in both Qing Dynasty architectural style and Republic of China architectural style. It was originally the location of Sino-French University in the period of Republic of China. People can gather here to exchange ideas, seek inspiration and experience the artistic creativity of modern China and Europe. Since it was completed and started to be operated in 2009, Yishu 8 has already undertaken various cultural activities, such as fashion show, media preview, training exchange, press release, live music festival, art exhibition, shooting for magazine, speech & cocktail party and etc.

Yishu 8

  • Driving Route

    Drive to National Art Museum of China, and then turn right after seeing the first traffic light, drive straight in side road.
  • Metro

    Zhangzizhonglu Station or Dongsi Station Subway Line 5.
  • Bus

  • Facilities

    China Construction Bank, Bank of Beijing, EIBC Beijing Branch, The Capital Medical University Affiliated Beijing Maternity Hospital(West District), The Capital Medical University Affiliated Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital,Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, National Art Museum of China.
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