Shangba International Music Park
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Shangba International Music Park is one of the series creative industry park projects of Shangba Culture Group and an incubator and living & working space for the culture and creative enterprises and the people work in those enterprises. Through cluster effect and resources sharing, the Park promotes the development of culture creative industry and highlights the economic concepts of "culture, fashion & environmental protection". This project was completed in 2009, occupying an area of 600 mu, with a building area of 120,000sqm. The Park is constructed with the ideals of relaxed working, exchange & interaction, environmentally-friendly and environmental & ecological protection. With the new thinking of carrying on creation, integrating the oriental and western culture and being creative with the consideration of traditional styles, the humanistic and environmentally-friendly industry is infused into the Park, which pays attention to the cultural context of area background and history, values the original appearance of architecture, highlights the characteristics of people's sense of identity and strives for establishing a creative industry park with the theme of music and the philosophical concepts of humanistic, artistic and living.

Shangba International Music Park

No.1, Guangqu Road, East 4th Ring, Chaoyang District,Beijing

010-65811234 / 65813456

  • Driving Route

    Go 2000meters to the east of Dajiaoting then turn right.
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  • Facilities

    Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
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