Shangba Xicheng Design Park
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Shangba Xicheng Design Park is one of the series creative industry park projects of Shangba Culture Group and park of branding industry cluster, which is established to strengthen the overall competitiveness of design service industry in Xicheng District of Beijing, promoting and improving the influence of Xicheng design service industry over Beijing and even the whole country. This project was established in early 2011 and located at No.31 of Xishiku Avenue, near Xisi business center area, consisting of three auxiliary industry parks, including Jingye Electric Technology Park, which are situated from north to south along the avenue.

With a gross building area of 8,650sqm, this culture creative industry park is actually an industry belt, leading by design service industry. This project focuses on attracting the investment of key culture creative businesses in fields of architectural design, environment art design, interior design, art exhibition and business consulting. Considering the headquarter economy and paying special attention to large and medium-sized branding and leading culture creative enterprises, the Park is striving for becoming a branding industry cluster with high quality, high output and great driving force to promote the development of Xicheng District high-end design service industry and culture creative industry and drive the consumption in creative economy and cultural experience. With the cultural information collected for years and the ability to attract the investment of culture creative enterprises, Shangba Culture Group attracts the design service enterprises of well-known international brands and builds a general regional design brand image through the deep business cooperation with branding enterprises settled in the Park and organizing influential brand activities. In the design industry, the Park will cover the full industry chain from the upstream of fashion design R&D creation to the downstream of exhibition and matching shopping, leisure and entertainment facilities, offering proper and open development space for the design industry. This project is the only industrial remains of Xisi area, in which the old plants are farthest protected and the religious art atmosphere of church is fully manifested; plus the comfortable and smart office space which is lighted up with the support of the culture of ancient capital, a cultural and artistic community with full of design highlights is offered to the creative people who appreciate the experience of classic culture.

Shangba Xicheng Design Park

Buld 17, No.37 yard, Xishiku Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

010-65811234 / 65813456

  • Driving Route

    Xishiku Street to the north then turn left at the second corner.
  • Metro

    Xisi Station Subway Line4.
  • Bus

  • Facilities

    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,Bank of Beijing, Xishiku Catholic church.
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