Shangba East Zone Creative Incubator
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Mainly designed to incubate and support small and medium-sized businesses, Shangba East Zone Creative Incubator is one of the series creative industry park projects of Shangba Culture Group with the theme of incubation, training and entrepreneurship, entirely occupying 5,230sqm.

The project was originally started in March, 2010. It is located as the crossroad of East Four Ring Road of Chaoyang District of Beijing and Ciyunsi Bridge, which is the intersection of 'double cross'due to the eastward expansion of Beijing CBD. This is a wonderful location with convenient transportation. Shangba carries on its incubation work for creative businesses and launched 'Young Designer Cargo Container Incubator Program' by offering technological and financial support to the businesses that have development potential to help them growing. This Program offers young designers a platform of presenting their talents and making exchange. Shangba has invited young designers to propose proper reforming and application suggestions or design plans with their imagination and talents. Shangba will offer them financial support for them starting their own business and set an exhibition area for young designers in Shangba East Zone Creative Incubator.

Shangba East Zone Creative Incubator

East north to Ciyunsi Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing

010-65811234 / 65813456

  • Driving Route

    East North to Ciyunsi Bridge.
  • Metro

  • Bus

    112,115,202,411,188,595,605,615,619,635, 639,648,718,731,2
  • Facilities

    Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, China Merchants Bank, Ciming Chuck
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