Shangba Design+ AD Park
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Shangba Design + AD Park is one of the series of Shangba Creative Industry Park projects. The original name of the Park manifests the purpose of the Park, i.e. constructing a cluster region and cluster industrial chain special for the designer and design company, creating the culture of "home" to interpreting the meaning of courtyard-style "low density and low-carbon"and "an oasis of serenity amid chaos". With creative thinkings and the inspirations of design, the city life will be more and more creative and energetic on the base of history and finally an urban oasis cultural area will take shape especially for creative group of people.

This project is located in the area near Sihui Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing and situated along CBD-Dingfuzhuang Media Corridor. This neo-courtyard-like culture park was originally started to be built in July, 2010 with a gross building area of 24,600sqm and a theme of "design". It carries on the ideal of Shangba Culture Group, i.e. paying equal attention to ecology and humanity, practices ecological construction, drives the updating of city and improves the excessively simple, indifferent and suffocating urban layout, i.e. skyscrapers and shacks, to establish an urban oasis with full of relaxed creation environment and inspirations, which is just required by culture creative people. It is located in the core area of Beijing CBD and being surrounded by high-end office buildings, which makes one truly understand the ideal of "true seclusion is in metropolis".

Shangba Design+ AD Park

Sihui Buld Material Market West Door, Sihui Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing

010-65811234 / 65813456

  • Driving Route

    100 meters to the South of Sihui Buld Material Market West Door, Sihui Bridge, Chaoyang District.
  • Metro

    Sihui Station Subway Line 1.
  • Bus

    1,57, 9,322,363,402,405,455,468,475,495,496,506,628,648,649,666,671,728,740,753,810,984,989
  • Facilities

    Wanda Plaza, Shin Kong Plaza, Fangzhou Hospital
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