Shangba Humanistic & Creative Park
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Shangba Humanistic & Creative Park is one of Shangba series of creative industry parks. The park is mainly designed for creative research & development and creative training & promotion. The park can also offers high-end consulting and advisory services, humanistic elite training, the research & development creative design derivatives, the promotion of humanistic product copyright, the international art exhibition, exchange, interaction and cooperation and various other types of humanistic industry. For this, the Park will finally form a new humanistic industry park, integrating creation, consulting, conference, art, entertainment and catering.

This project can be dated back to June, 2011. The gross building area of the project is 21,900sqm. It is located on intermediate south ring road, Huajiadi North Street, Chaoyang District and at the crossroad of Huajiadi and Capital Expressway, which makes the transportation convenient. On the base of features of green and low-carbon creative environment and liberal and creative exhibition exchange platform, the Park offers the employees of the Park a special working and living environment. Inside o the Park, it's a LOFT-style rectangular space with proper proportion, united layout and full of humanistic and artistic atmosphere. The Park can meet the requirements of different businesses for handling office work or holding exhibition. Brand new creation and the vigor of culture are infused into the vital new Park with due consideration on the culture creative industry and the type of operation of associated culture creative industry. While the matching facility offering according living service to the Park, it may also offer the surrounding business office buildings and ordinary residents a comprehensive humanistic space, integrating culture, art, business and entertainment. The Park will be positioned as a fashionable humanistic community with liberal thinking and rich creativity. Shangba is striving for making this project the best high-end humanistic creative R&D base, humanistic education & training center, international art exchange platform and cluster region of culture promotion agencies of China. Moreover, the main operation strategy and idea of the cluster is "focus on the comprehensive humanistic feature, highlight international art exchange and promote the brand service value".

Shangba Humanistic & Creative Park

Jia No.1, Zhonghuan South Road, Huajiadi North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing (The original Chinese academy of social sciences graduate school)

010-65811234 / 65813456

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    Buld 17, No.37 yard, Xishiku Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 010-65811234 / 65813456
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    Xishiku Street to the north then turn left at the second corner.
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