Shangba International AD Park
Shang Ba international AD Park
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Shangba International AD Park is the 9th urban creative complex project of Shangba Culture Group. The park is located beyond the East Third Ring Road of Chaoyang District, Beijing and 100m south of Dawang Bridge. This project is located in the core area of famous Beijing CBD "CBD-Dingfuzhuang Medium Corridor", which is close with Jingtong Expressway, Metro Line 1 and Dawang Road Station, supplemented with dozens of bus lines and perfect public facilities.
Shangba International AD Park is positioned as advertising media industry base, focusing on attracting both upstream and downstream firms in small and medium-sized enterprises of media industry. The Park is also equipped with impeccable supporting facilities for entertainment. It is on the south of National AD Industry Park and new location of China Beijing TV Station. There are abundant sources of advertising and media enterprises around the Park, which also offers matching office service to the derivative businesses due to the industrial chain effect of CCTV Station which newly moved here and forms organic linkage with National AD Industry Park. The area in which the Park locates becomes a zone of high-end international advertising and media businesses which develop its brands in a chain-like way.

The total area of Park is 40,000sqm, including a gross building area of 25,609sqm for the main building and a floor area of 12,000sqm. It is a loft with five floors on the ground and two floors underground. The height between floors is about 4m, which is especially designed for the particular creative atmosphere of urban core area in order to meet the requirements of creative businesses. The total investment is 90 million Yuan. The estimated number of businesses who will settle in this Park is 100. Where the output value of the Park reached the designed production capacity, the output value shall be 8 billion Yuan and the Park would pay 1 billion Yuan as tax and offer 5 thousand jobs. The Park can provide a liberal and relaxed creation environment for urban advertising and media creative elites, inspiring them with design, interpreting the concept of "low-density & low-carbon", representing "an oasis of serenity amid chaos" and make the urban lifestyle more like a wonderful dream to become a really creative landmark in the city and especially to provide the people working in advertising a diverse, modern, fashionable and mainstream urban culture complex.

As a part of National AD Industry Park, Shangba International AD Park is covered by preferential policy in respect of attracting investment. The Park focuses on the creative development of advertising industry; while supporting the startup businesses, Shangba International AD Park will pay more attention on attracting international advertising enterprise to settle in the Park for win-win cooperation in common development.

Shangba International AD Park

Jia No.3, Xiadian, Chaoyang District (300m off Da Wang Lu, South to BTV),Beijing

010-65813456 / 65953333

  • Driving Route

    Go 300 meters to the south of Dawang Bridge, and then turn right at Guanghui Bridge.
  • Metro

    Dawanglu Station Subway line1.
  • Bus

  • Facilities

    Wanda Plaza, SOHO, China Central Plaza
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