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Shangba Red Dot Consulting & Planning Co., Ltd. is a high-end culture creative company subordinated to Shangba Culture Group, offering project planning, project consultation and other services. With unconventional ideas and perfect execution, Red Dot Consulting Company offers professional, complete, high-quality and speedy ideas, supporting the creative economics, for the culture creative industry. We adhere to the principle of developing smart real economy depending on innovation to help the culture creative industry complete the innovation, guide the continuous increase of economy and offer comprehensive planning and consulting service in respects of politics, economy, culture and civilization of China.


Shangba Red Dot will establish a first-class brand in the domestic field of smart economy and consulting & planning and finally lead the worldwide consulting and planning businesses.

Core Concept  win-win, outstanding, original and innovation.

Consulting Principle

Principles in consulting
Cohesion is the root of service orientation and insight is the base of service orientation.
Originality is the soul of service orientation and execution is the premise of service orientation.

Business Field

Shangba Red Dot offers the government, institutional organization, enterprise, research institutions, financial institutions and etc. the training of professional talent in respects of market research & planning, marketing consultation and training and it offers all-round service based on the needs of enterprises Shangba Red Dot offers the government the basis of decisions on industry development planning and macroeconomic management, such as industry planning, development framework and meso-economy planning innovation. Shangba Red Dot also offers market-oriented conference, exhibition and tender-invitation chain-like package of industry planning and execution.

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Address:G#, Shangbali, Chenjialin, No.2, Balizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  • He Yang

    He is the general manager of Shangba Red Dot (Beijing) Consulting & Planning Co., Ltd., the founder of China modern consulting & planning industry and the chief researcher and pioneer of China creativity subject. He has offered over 1,800 enterprises, domestic and overseas, consulting and planning service for various types of products. For his special and outstanding ability in product innovation, he was titled “Mater of Brilliant Ideas”. He was one of “Top Ten Influential Heroes for China Youth” and won the Award of Outstanding Contribution on China Planning Industry for 20 Years. He is currently the vice director of the 4th Institute Affairs Committee of China Institute of Devising. He was the vice chairman of Devising Specialized Committee of Systems Engineering Society of Beijing, the deputy secretary general of Beijing Society of Creation and the Chinese expert of UNIDO. Successively, he taught and coached the doctoral students of Peking University and MBA of People’s University and employed as part-time professor of more than a dozen domestic universities. In 1988, he founded Beijing Heyang New Technology Institute. Generally, He Yang is nationally famous for his numerous and commercialized ideas.

  • Lian Yuming

    He is the strategy master of Shangba Red Dot (Beijing) Consulting & Planning Co., Ltd., well-known expert on urban studies, professor, the director of -International Institute for Urban Development, Beijing and the president of Information for Deciders Magazine, the research fields of who include urbanology, decision making, the theory of learning society and etc. The urban value chain theory, originated by him, is entitled as one of the worldwide top three competitive theories. He also assumes the office of the researcher of National Conditions & Policy Research Center of Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Beijing PCC member, the vice-chairman of Beijing Chaoyang District PCC, the standing vice-chairman of Capital Scientific Decision Research Society, chief advisor of Beijing Chaoyang District Development Research Center, the chairman of Beijing International City Forum Foundation, the specially-invited director of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the director of CAPFA, the director of China-ASEAN, the director of China-Republic of Korea Friendship Association, the director of China-India Friendship Association and etc.

  • Li Ji

    He is the academic professional of Shangba Red Dot (Beijing) Consulting & Planning Co., Ltd. and the executive director of New Economy & New Industry (former Culture Creative Industry) Research Center of School of Humanities of Tsinghua University. In 2004, as a scholar, he visited MIT of America. His major research fields are urban culture creative industry, urban industrial park planning and construction, regional culture industry planning and development and creative industry investing and financing model. He has hosted the planning and research of more than 60 national projects, such as Hainan International Tourism Island, Zhuhai Hengqin Island, Shenzhen National Culture Industry Demonstration Zone and the first culture industry demonstration zone of UN in China. He has taught in Party School of the CPC Central Committee and the committees of all provinces or cities for several times. His part-time positions include the vice-chairman of China Chamber of Commerce of Culture Creative Industry, the vice-chairman of China Association of Planning Tactics, the judge for Dragon Design Fund of China Culture Creative Industry, the vice-chairman of the practical economics branch of China General Chamber of Commerce and Economy and the planning principal of culture creative industry projects of various provinces such as Zejiang, Guangdong, Gansu, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Henan and Hainan.

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