Shangba invests in Mashangpai Micro Film...

As a well-known brand in the domestic field of micro film production, Ma Shang Pai (Beijing) Film Company Ltd. is not only the early promoter and practitioner of short video production in China, offering service for a lot of famous enterprises, such as Coca Cola, Nike, China Mobile, Ping An Insurance, Ntes and etc., but also a rising star in the industry of film and TV production, participating in the investment and operation of films, TV series and cartoons. In 2012, with the creative team consisting of domestic new director Ju Anqi, artist Ma Liang, media personality Zhu Xiuyang, cross-over stylist Wang Yuwei, documentary director Ma Songqi and executive producer of animation Huang Yu, Ma Shang Pai started to shoot and produce a series of micro films. The first micro film, Diaosi’s Delivery Service, has already been finished. As for the field of commercial film, Ma Shang Pai and Shangba Culture Group will soon invest in and produce a film called Robot Wine Warrior and the director is Ju Anqi. This plan has already been shortlisted for 2011 Shanghai International Film Festival. TV Program “Fei Shuo Bu Ke”, jointly produced with Beijing TV famous planner Zhu Xiuyang, has already been under production. The Big Girl series animation, produced by famous executive producer of animation Huang Yu, has not only attracted 40,000,000 hits on the internet, but also became the first original animation purchased and played by domestic railway, Guangzhou Railway. In July, 2012, this character won Top Ten China Cartoon Character Award.

Director Ju Anqi

In 1975, he was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang; while his ancestral home is Nanking, Jiangsu.
In 1999, he was graduated from Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy. He and other 6 people, including Jia Kezhang and Wang Xiaoshuai, are together called Top Seven in the Field of Independent Film.
His first film, There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing, premiered at the 50th Berlin International Film Festival, being considered to be a shining hit experimental film by its revolutionary style. 
Then, Ju Anqi produced Quilt (2002) and Night of China, and together with the There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing, the three are called direct trilogy
In 2008, Night of China won the Grand Prize of the Swiss Real Festival.In 2007, he directed Happy Birthday! Mr. An, the leading actor and actress of which were respectively Jiang Wu and Hao Lei.
In 2008, Ju Anqi’s film scrip Roast Beijing Duck was selected into CFCP of Shanghai International Film Festival.
In 2010, the film scrip Roast Beijing Duck won the Best Scrip of Cloudary Global Literature Prize.

In 2010, Ju Anqi’s documentary, Flowers Avenue, premiered at Amsterdam International Film Festival of Holland and showed at Shanghai Expo in the same year.

In 2012, Ju Anqi prepared for the film Love You, Because I Have Super Power.

As famous domestic advertisement director, he also offers service for some international brands, such as NIKE and Coca Cola.

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