Yishu 8 is located at No.20 (jia), Dong Huangchenggen North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, i.e former Sino-French University, which was built in 1920. This is on the axis of Beijing, and close to National Art Museum of China, Palace Museum, the Red Building of Peking University, which is also the cradle of New Culture Movement (around the time of May 4 of 1919), Qiushi Magazine Office and many other landmark architectural complexes which are protected as national-level cultural relics. Integrated with both the classic culture of oriental imperial city and western creative ideas, the building of Yishu 8 is a unique architecture with 100 years of history within the Second Ring Road of Beijing.


Focusing on creative thinking and cultural and artistic exchange, Yishu 8 is a "home for Chinese and European art and culture" established by a French woman, Christine Cayol, and a Chinese, Xue Yunda in 2009; both of two founders have a strong affection for art. In 2011, they got the supports from Rothschild Group and Hermės; therefore, Yishu 8 moved its location to former Sino-French University and started its new journey. A century ago, the university at the current location of Yishu 8 developed a friendship with University of Lyon. Although many years have passed, not only the rosewood pillars and painted walls, but also Words of Prime Minister inscription and school motto made by Sun Yat-sen and the pursuit  of 'people's livehoods, liberty, equality and universal fraternity' are still completely cherished, repaired and protected. With meticulous design of nine months, French designer Caroline Odinet integrated the French style and modern art in her work. The main hall of the first floor is painted with three colors, green, white and blue, while the main beam is mottled but magnificent; on the second floor, it's a space of gallery with shining terrazzo flooring, which seems like an abstract Chinese landscape painting; Designer Caroline Odinet boldly adopted red of rhododendron, yellow of autumn chrysanthemum, green of peacock, golden of elegance, silver of noble and other bright colors as dominant hues of five salons. Plus the classical Chinese furniture and the classic artwork of oriental and western outstanding artists in the space, one will be enjoyable while seeing this luxurious, noble, delicate and exquisite design style and delightfully feel the fun of collecting.


Christine Cayol and Xue Yunda not only integrated both oriental and western art into Yishu 8, but also brought creative lifestyle. The elites in different fields, including artist, intellectual, collector and entrepreneur come here to share the fun of art, music, film, lecture and life with their family members and friends.

NO.20(jia),Dong Huangchenggen Bei Jie,Dongcheng District,Beijing.
86(10)6581 9078
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    Zhangzizhonglu Station or Dongsi Station Subway line 5.
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