I was born in 70s in Jixi, Heilongjiang Province, having fun in factory yards and growing up in this industrial city from an early age. Honestly, it's very cool.


The natural bond between factories and me makes me deliberate my present career.


As for the development and the civilization of one city, the architecture is always the most complete and reliable medium, which the development and the civilization can rely upon. As time goes by, these old buildings, accompanying us since always, built by red bricks and covered by green ivy, are the representatives of the memories about the youth of our generation and the stories of old times. In 1997, I got a chance to reform and take advantage of the idle old plant in order to offer my friends as art studios, and a feeling of prevailing——"time travel"—— suddenly emerged. These houses directly lead me to the past glories of the elder generations, the scenes of interesting games joined by my childhood friends and even the young dreams of my "literary and artistic" friends, who shared the same dreams with me.


Together with my team, I created a brand -- Shangba. Our team keeps learning from the old houses, starting a revolution of lifestyle with the tool of cultural originality, and insisting on the ideal of coexistence of nostalgia and creation.


Today, I pay more attention to what has Shangba offered to others and the society, for this relationship to the respect for culture and acceptance to its own value of Shangba. The development of an enterprise or a brand is indeed important, but the more important thing is that what change can you bring to others, what can you share or give to friends, partners, environment and society. The following goal of Shangba is becoming the model of enterprises that processes the sense of cultural and historical mission and paying close attention to the sense of social responsibility, which a great enterprise shall have.


Shangba is not my private property, but belongs to current era and can be considered to be the "field of culture" which owns by all of you. It is expected to be a popular and classic brand to guide the development of culture industry, and to become a model of others in the industry and the doer in the field of culture.


Shangba(Beijing) Culture Group thus groups up "Home of Originators" for cultural elites in the core of Beijing in the form of chain business. The group aims at integrating various links of the industry chain, such as media, design, fashion and art, and explores the content of the industry to build the landmark project of "Originality Complex" that fuses the visual, audio and the olfactory senses into one and highlight a humanistic care and a sense of urbanity in a multi-sensory, all-directional and three-dimensional fashion. With its open and innovative gesture and its ideal of development and sharing, Shangba Culture is growing into,together with the originators, the first brand of cultural creativity that features "high-end brandization, artistic fashion and international multiplicity."

Shangba(Cable 8) Culture Group has been exploring the possibility of developing cultural originality industry complex on the basis of resources left behind by industry since 1997. In 2007, the brand "Cable 8" was created, and the number "8" comes from the original address of the project—No.8 of Langjiayuan. This happy coincidence conveys the core of the brand's spirit: persistence to a high-standard professional morality, insistence on the leading of fashion, and perseverance in the industry culture of fashion. Shangba Culture Group also clearly preserves the lineage of history and the memory of times on the one hand, and dedicates itself to the development of emerging cultural industry that characterizes low energy consumption and zero pollution on the other. In 2010, Shangba Culture Group started to continue and satisfy the pursuit of high-quality office and cultural life by the creative class in Beijing Chain Business Industrial Park in the form of "Urban Oasis" and "Cultural Community", formed an industry layout of "Park Crowd", created a developmental path that features unique chain and serial businesses and became the first park operator in Beijing. With equal emphasis on green and cultural life, Shang Ba Culture Group constantly changes urban lifestyle with culture and originality.

In 2010, Shangba Culture Group started to continue and satisfy the pursuit of high-quality office and cultural life by the creative class in Beijing Chain Business Industrial Park in the form of "Urban Oasis" and "Cultural Community", formed an industry layout of "Park Crowd", created a developmental path that features unique chain and serial businesses and became the first park operator in Beijing. With equal emphasis on green and cultural life, Shangba Culture Group constantly changes urban lifestyle with culture and originality.

By July 2012, Shangba Culture Group has completed nine projects in Beijing: Shangba International Music Park, Shangba International AD Park, Shangba Li Culture Creative Park, Shangba Humanistic & Creative Park, Yishu 8, Shangba Xicheng Design Park, Shangba Design+ AD Park, Shangba East Zone Creative Incubator, Shangba CBD Culture Park and other urban landmark "Originality Complex" projects. The business area is close to 156,000sqm, serves 300 large-scale cultural enterprises, and the business scale of enterprises within the park exceeds 17 billion yuan, and taxes thus paid is 1 billion yuan. In three to five years to come, Shangba Culture Group plans to build 20 brand parks within the border of China, investing, sequentially, 1.5 billion yuan to expand projects to the volume of 1 million sqm, serving 1000 cultural enterprises whose value of output exceeds 50 billion yuan, paying three billion as taxes and establishing "Home of Originators" that features high-end, chain business and brandization in the core areas of Chinese cities.

Shangba Culture Group proposed the strategic concept of "economic culture and cultural industry" creatively in 2009, and set up branches such as PR exhibition, planning consultation, show-biz agency, investment in artifacts, chain service industry, cyber-cloud state and others for the in-depth exploration of links on the chain of cultural industry. It further relies on "Originality Complex" to hatch, invest and maximize the core content of cultural enterprises and cultural originality industry, to seek ways of investment that has high reward and low risk, to maximize the value of the enterprise and the core competence of the enterprise, and to establish a high-end cultural investing group that has an organic operation system.

The charm of Shangba Culture Group's "Originality Complex" also lies in aspects like architectural types, city layouts and thematic activities that add to the charm of Beijing, an international metropolis. She is like the "green lungs" of the city that allows people to breathe culture, feel art and enjoy spiritual nourishments. Shangba Culture Group has hosted hundreds of cultural and academic forums, launchings of commercial brands, international art exhibitions, public charity and environment protection and other cultural activities. And she has become a stage for the communication and mutual understanding of Chinese and western cultures with the ideal of innovation, fusion, openness and sharing, and she leads lifestyle with art. Shangba Culture Group hosted many cultural events, such as: the CPPCC of Beijing's "Development Forum of Capital Cultural Originality Industry", Cultural Originality Policy Interpretation Club of Beijing's Culture Promotion Center, "Cultural Originality Lecture Room" of Qinghua University, Academic Communication between Renmin University and Taiwan Fengjia University, Musical Festival inside the Moon Gate, "Zhu Dequn: Art Exhibition of A Century's Dialogue", Lamborghini VIP Pre-Exhibition of New Cars, Peugeot 200th Anniversary Ceremony & First Launch of EX1 Conceptual Car in China, and launching ceremonies of new products of Microsoft, HP, Céline, etc., "Endless Love" Charity Concert for Blind Children, and assistance of the shooting of If You Are the One II, and many more events. With cultural and artistic communication as the bridge and public service as the stage, Shangba Culture Group tries her best to improve the cultural quality of the public life.

The development of Shangba Culture Group received great attention from the leadership of the Party and the State and won approval from Li Changchun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC, Liu Yunshan, a member of the Central Political Bureau, Secretary of the Central Secretary Office and Head of the Central Publicity Department, Liu Qi, a member of the Central Political Bureau and the City Secretary of Beijing, Ms. Liu Yandong, a member of the Central Political Bureau and a State Councillor, and Ms. Lin Wenyi, Chairwoman of Central Taiwan League; internationally speaking, Francois Feyon, president of France, Ms. Sylvie-Agnès BERMANN, French ambassador stationed in China, Raffarin, former President of France, Mr. Jean-Paul Desroches, General Asset Supervisor of the Culture Department of France, Khalid Malik, representative of the UN Branch stationed in China, Mr. Lousely, CEO of French Power, Clezio, French writer and Noble Prize Winner, and many others paid us visits for many times and expressed their likings for Shangba.

The team created "Shangba" and persisted to the ideal of the coexistence of cherishing and innovation. Today's Shangba Culture Group is the "cultural home" owned by originators and stresses more on contributions to others and society, and this has everything to do with "Shangba" respecting cultures and identification of its own value. When the group and the brand are developing, sharing and caring for friends, partners, environment and society should also be stressed on. In the future, Shangba Culture Group will dedicate itself to its social responsibility and contribution to the cultural originality industry, and eventually becomes an eternal brand that leads the development of cultural originality industry, setting examples and becoming doers of the filed.


Best wishes on this holiday season.
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