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Objet8 Culture Co.Ltd is founded by a senior antiquer Mrs Qing Mu and Shang Ba Culture Group CEO Mr Xue Yunda, together with several top antiquers whom are also rapt in collection. The Objet8 store is located in 1st floor of Shang Ba International AD park, it exhibits out abundant unique European collections and decorations which are born in different eras, and There is also various furniture available here which full of abundant culture styles and artistic movements. By take advantages of a deep comprehensive for Europe antique market and a widely tour on continent of Europe from the founders of Objet8, there we have the most abundant collections quantity, most firmer resource of collections, and the most comprehensive categories include old objects, designer collections from 17th century to the 20th century, and they are all available in this store; furthermore, Objet8 has a firm foundation and professional knowledge of academic research regarding to antique, and founders of Objet8 are committed to give accurate background knowledge of the collections to customers, and thus letting treasure life style goes into our daily modern pace of life; Here, we plash ourselves as the top client of culture creative industry, and it is our pleasure to support up-to-date and seasonable antique trend and market information to you.


Founder Mr Xue Yunda
He is the CEO of Shangba Culture Group, the 6th director of Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the deputy secretary general of Artist Association of Western Returned Scholars Association and the tutor of Youth Business China Entrepreneurial Programs. He graduated from Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy and obtained a master's degree from Visual Communication Department of Mod'art Academy of Fine Arts in France. He is now studying for PhD in the major of aesthetics and culture creative industry in the department of philosophy of Beijing Normal University. He is also studying for EMBA in culture creative industry in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. In 1997, as a team leader, he participated in the construction and operation of culture creative industry cluster region and other activities, such as the reservation planning of the culture creative industry along Shanghai Suzhou Creek and Jingmian Creative Industry Park.

In 2007, he originated the brand Shangba, which became the industry park project of Beijing especially serving the culture creative enterprise. In 2009, he invested in the culture creative industry, with his original understanding based on years of experience in the industry, and became a sponsor as well as the operator of the Park. He successively invested in a serious of culture creative industry projects, such as Yishu 8 Art & Culture Family of China and European Countries, +86 Creative Product Concept Store, New Unit Movie Studio and Tui0 website. Through the above-mentioned practices, he gained some associated knowledge, summed up a theory about the development of culture creative industry and caught the opportunity of growing in a high speed for enterprises. In 2012, he has operated a chain of industry parks and presently own 9 subprojects; Shangba Series Creative Industry Park has became the No.1 large-scale comprehensive industry park with the brand and a chain in Beijing, which has been highly praised by national, municipal, district and provincial authorities and won various honors for several times.

Xue Yunda always pays attention to the relation between culture project and city development, highlights sharing and originality, cares about the improvement of rising stars and makes contributes to the continuous development of culture creative industry. He successively won the nomination of 'the 2nd List of Elites of Culture Creative Industry in Chaoyang District of Beijing', was listed in the first group of Beijing Chaoyang District High-Quality Overseas Professionals, won the Reward for Chaoyang District Talent Making Outstanding Contribution in its 3rd election, won the Gold Award of the 5th Beijing Youth Entrepreneurship Capital Contribution Award and was shortlisted for the 6th China Youth Entrepreneurship Award.
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